Matt Crowe – Four Ways to Stop Saying “Um” And Other Filler Words

Matt Crowe’s Blog

Public speaking is such an important part of being an entrepreneur.  It is important to not fill your speech with place holder words.  Here are 4 easy tips to help avoid this filler language.

  1. Hear Yourself Using Filler These Words: If you ever listen to a recording of a call where you say “Um,” too much, you will have a very  natural urge to cringe. This is an important  step in helping yourself remove  filler words from your language. Once you start hearing yourself filling this silence with “Um,” you will start to notice when others do it too.
  2. Chunk Your Info:  One thing that is for sure – we are most likely to have rambling speech when we lack a strong plan for organizing these ideas.
  3. Make Eye Contact. It happens to become more awkward to use filler words when making full eye contact with a person.
  4. Pre-plan Your Transitions. One of the main functions of “Um” is to indicate to your audience that you are not done talking yet. As an alternative, have some transitions to use in any presentation or meeting.

Now you have four tips to help you improve your next presentations.

from Matt Crowe

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