What are some cool maps of San Francisco?

Answer by Sha Hwang:

First off, I do a lot of data visualization and mapping so these aren't really all maps of the geography of San Francisco, but maps of the activity of San Francisco.

So what immediately springs to my mind when I think of "really cool maps of SF" is the work of Eric Fischer. He's been doing amazing mapping work studying flows of cities, and this series, Locals and Tourists, is probably my favorite. This map shows photos "locals" have taken in blue (people who have taken photos in the Bay Area for more than a month) and "tourists" in red (people who have taken photos in the area for less than a month):

Aside from doing this sort of stunning work, Eric also collects and posts cool maps of the history of the Bay Area's infrastructure — this image is the Major Thoroughfare Plan of 1947 showing proposed highways crisscrossing through SF:


Eric's uploaded a ton of these historical maps here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkingsf/sets/72157622139053795/

Also, Shawn Allen (partner at Stamen.com, where I used to work) has done interesting investigations into the characteristics of various parts of San Francisco. His Trees, Cabs, and Crime visualization has always been a favorite of mine, beautifully showing the way these various sets of data overlap in our city. You can see the treeful and cabless Sunset vs the crimeful and cabful  Tenderloin, and can also see the traceries of all the major roads that the cabs drive along:


A much more "traditional" map, but also slicing up San Francisco into its various islands, is this redrawing of neighborhoods on BurritoJustice.com:


And while I'm thinking about islands, there's also the awesome mountains of crime that Doug McCune did a couple years ago:


I'm also always fascinated by the ways people move around during the day. Ben Sawyer, a researcher, pointed me at these maps recently that highlight the difference between the population of San Francisco during daytime and during nighttime, by Joe Lertola, done in 2007 for Time:


Where I work, Trulia.com, we're investigating a lot of this information to help people understand their cities better and find a place to live. This was a recent map we did on commute times for the Bay Area, which is now live and interactive over at http://www.trulia.com/local#commute/san-francisco-ca, along with our crime and school maps:

And I really can't stop looking at this stuff. I've been collecting a lot of maps and visualizations over here: http://pinterest.com/shashashasha/mapping/

And the work that we do that often intersects mapping and visualization here: http://pinterest.com/shashashasha/nondisclosure/

(Thanks Eric Socolofsky for asking me to answer this!)

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